Tilney St Lawrence Parish Council

serving the villages of Tilney St Lawrence, Tilney cum Islington and Tilney Fen End

Smeeth Lode view W from Gravel Bank, between Lordsbridge and Tilney Fen End.

The Lode flows northeast to Islington Pumping Station.

Police Matters

Norfolk’s Police And Crime Commissioner Launches Annual Police Budget Consultation

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner has launched his public consultation into the proposed budget for policing. Norfolk residents are being asked whether the PCC should increase the police precept of council tax for the coming year.

You can read more and have your say by following this link: Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Launches Annual Police Budget Consultation – Norfolk ALC

Operation Randall September 2023

Operation Randall August 2023

Operation Randall June 2023

Courier Fraud

Operation Randall May 2023

Operation Randall February 2023

Fancy becoming a police officer

Courier Telephone Scams

Crime Prevention Be Scam Aware


Be Scam Aware!
We know we have said this before – but this is an important message. Police
will NEVER contact you asking for your bank details, ask you to withdraw
money for safe keeping or to assist an investigation. If you get a call like this
it’s a SCAM. Please spread the word & share – not forgetting to spread the
word to your friends, family and neighbours who may not have access to social

Action Fraud


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