Tilney St Lawrence Parish Council

serving the villages of Tilney St Lawrence, Tilney cum Islington and Tilney Fen End

Meeting Dates 2022-2023

Notice is hereby given of Parish Council meetings.

Unless otherwise notified meeting will take place in Tilney St Lawrence Village Hall. There is no meeting scheduled to be held in August.

Monday 06 June 2022                    19:00hrs
Thursday 04 July 2022                   19:00hrs
Monday 05 September 2022         19:00hrs
Monday 10 October 2022               19:00hrs
Monday 07 November 2022           19:00hrs
Monday 05 December 2022           19:00hrs
Monday 09 January 2023               19:00hrs
Monday 06 February 2023             19:00hrs
Monday 06 March 2023                  19:00hrs – Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting
Monday 06 March 2023                 19:30hrs
Monday 03 April 2023                     19:00hrs
Monday 15 May 2023                     19:00hrs – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

Jackie Christie
Clerk to Tilney St. Lawrence Parish Council
Updated: May 2022

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