Tilney St Lawrence Parish Council

serving the villages of Tilney St Lawrence, Tilney cum Islington and Tilney Fen End

Smeeth Lode view W from Gravel Bank, between Lordsbridge and Tilney Fen End.

The Lode flows northeast to Islington Pumping Station.

Notices & Agenda 2023

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7pm on Monday 2nd October 2023 at the Tilney St Lawrence Village Hall.

Agenda – January 2023

Agenda – February 2023

Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting – 6 March 2023
APM Agenda – 6th March 2023

Agenda – April 2023

Agenda – May AGM 2023

Agenda – June 2023

Agenda – July 2023

Agenda – September 2023

Agenda – October 2023

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